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Donate to the project

We are looking for help to bring new Latin projects to life. We:

  1. Find and transcribe public domain Latin learner texts to make free to download Latin ebooks;
  2. Helped the Latin teacher CarpeLanam donate and import her simple Duo-style Latin course to Wikiversity;
  3. Promoted German documentary videos from ZDF to help get them subtitled and redubbed into Latin, Welsh and other languages;
  4. Encourage Latin Youtubers to donate readings to Wikipedia and the community for free reuse;
  5. Promote other people’s work when it is free for reuse;
  6. Put this simple Latin map project online, along with hundreds of UK Latin name entries.

Our vision is that when you donate, everyone gets to benefit. When we do something, it will always be made freely available, so that you and others can use those materials how you like. And if we can make something happen easily and quickly, with high quality results, then that is the best of all.

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